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9/27(Sun)〜10/3(Sat) Karen Takahashi 『SCREEN』

zakuraではこの度Karen Takahashiによる展覧会『SCREEN』展を開催いたします。

コロナ禍の中、カナダより帰国中のKaren Takahashiはフォトコラージュやグラフィックなどの様々な技法を通して、スクリーンプリンティングの表現の可能性を探求しています。


新たな手法で創造されたKaren Takahashiの世界をどうそお楽しみください。


Karen Takahashi 『SCREEN』


時間:13:00~20:00 入場無料 (最終日は17:00まで)

会場:zakura〒150-0031東京都渋谷区桜丘町14-5-103 JR渋谷駅南口より徒歩5分




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The title says it all. The theme of the exhibition is screen printing. UV screen printing can portray even small subtleties, like the fine texture of a ripped paper and gritty drawing medium, and add a sense of tactility which is not commonly seen in flatter, graphic imagery found in traditional screen printing. The exhibited prints feature multivalent subject matters in the form of drawing and photographic collage to explore themes, such as juxtaposition and identity, and various ways of achieving unique nuances through screen printing.


Karen Takahashi




Karen Takahashi (b. 2000, Tokyo)

is an multidisciplinary artist.

Her passion for art began from a young age with her training in performing arts and performing on musical theater stages. To further deepen her knowledge on performing arts, she studied abroad in the United States for 2 years, where she encountered a broad range of artistic expressions and practices. After graduating from International School of the Sacred Heart, she studies screen printing and digital art at The University of British Columbia Okanagan to broaden her knowledge and artistic expression.

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